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Wii blamed for causing injuries

By newspaper and one man in Cheshire.

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Having finished giving Bully a kicking, British newspaper The Telegraph has turned its attentions to the Nintendo Wii.

The paper is reporting a "spate" of injuries "dubbed 'Nintendo Wii syndrome'". There's no indication of who dubbed it that, or who's been counting up the "thousands of minor accidents and injuries" caused by playing Wii Sports.

However, the Telegraph did find a man in Cheshire who runs five osteopathic clinics. The man, Martin Davies, said he has noticed "a sharp rise in Wii-associated injuries" post-Christmas.

" We noticed we were getting a number of middle-aged parents coming in having played for far too long on the Nintendo Wii that they had bought their children," Davies reported.

"The older patients in particular are finding their neck, shoulders and elbows are painful and some said they had been playing Wii for up to 10 hours." Of course, playing real tennis for 10 hours never results in pain or injury.

Davies is advising patients to limit their playing time and perform warm-up exercises before each session.

"But it is not all bad," he said brightly. "One parent reported that his son had lost a stone in weight since getting a Wii for his birthday." Perhaps because they had to buy it on eBay and cannot now afford food.

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