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Why Crysis 2 has no Move support

Also, PlayStation 3 demo dated.

Crytek experimented with Move controls for the PlayStation 3 version of Crysis 2 but ditched the idea, judging it a poor fit for the gameplay, the FPS sequel's senior producer has revealed.

"It's clearly something we looked at," Hasit Zala told Eurogamer at an EA event in San Francisco today.

"We felt that in terms of what we were doing and the controls we needed, it didn't really lend itself to the kind of gameplay experience we were looking to achieve."

Zala added that Crytek hadn't ruled out incorporating motion controls into its games in the future, but he currently believes there is still work to be done before they can be succesfully incorporated in FPS gameplay.

"I think it's an interesting concept," he said, "but I don't think it's quite there yet. I can't think of too many first person shooters that are really embracing it at this point in time.

"There's definitely something there but also with shooter controls, the sighting, being able to change your modes and your armour and switch into stealth mode – that makes it difficult for us to work with it at the moment."

Elsewhere at the showcase, EA finally pinned down a 15th March PlayStation 3 date for the new multiplayer demo that hit PC and Xbox 360 today. Should you like what you see, you can get your hands on the full finished product from 25th March.