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Eurogamer Newscast: Why are video game companies still trying to flog NFTs?

Square Enix sullies its brand, while Minecraft makes a stand.

This week on the Eurogamer Newscast, we're discussing NFTs - and the video game industry's continued interest in trying to sell them to us.

The past 24 hours have seen two major NFT announcements from a pair of companies taking radically different stances. On the one hand, there's Square Enix, which has decided to celebrate the venerable Final Fantasy 7's 25th anniversary by launching a range of NFT mechandise. This announcement, its fair to say, has gone down like cold sick.

On the other hand, there's Mojang - the Microsoft-owned maker of Minecraft - which has drawn a line in the sand and said it will not integrate NFTs or allow others to use Minecraft in order to sell them. Is this end for video game NFTs? Unlikely! But as the planet burns, what does the future hold? Tom Phillips, Ed Nightingale, Victoria Kennedy and Liv Ngan discuss.

Eurogamer Newscast: Why are video game companies still trying to flog NFTs?

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