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Where's Dungeon Defenders PSN?

It is coming, says Sony.

Tower defense/action RPG Dungeon Defenders is still absent from the European PlayStation Store - why?

The game is coming, Sony's Andy Stewart wrote on the PlayStation Blog.

However, the game has "fail [sic] QA a couple of times".

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe operates certification independently from other SCE territories, meaning games can fail the quality assurance process on these shores but pass elsewhere.

Dungeon Defenders, an Unreal Engine 3-powered downloadable game from Trendy Entertainment, launched last week on PC, PSN and XBLA as planned - in the US.

The nifty thing about Dungeon Defenders is that it features cross-platform play between the PS3, PC, Android and iOS versions. A PS Vita version is expected, which will link up with the PS3 version.