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Epic: PSP2/NGP 4x any other "portable"

Update: demos 100% real-time - Rein.

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Update: Epic Games vice president Mark Rein has piped up on Twitter to validate what was shown on the Sony stage.

"Our NGP demos were 100 per cent live real-time demos with Josh Adams at the controls of an NGP dev kit back stage while Tim [Sweeney, Epic founder] spoke," tweeted Rein.

"Can't wait for people to see how good our demo looks on the actual NGP screen. Way, way better than it looks on a giant projection screen," he added.

Original Story: Epic Games claims Sony's new PSP2/NGP produces four times the amount of raw power of any other "portable".

Company founder Tim Sweeney joined Sony on stage at the Japanese PlayStation Meeting this morning. He confirmed Unreal Engine 3 support for NGP and showed the Epic Citadel iOS tech demo running on the new handheld.

"We at Epic regard this system as a game-changer," Sweeney announced.

"This is made possible by Sony's multi-core GPU, which is roughly 4x as powerful as any portable we've previously seen."

"We're very excited and think you will be stunned at what's possible on Sony's next generation portable platform."

The demo was "smoother with more effects", noted Eurogamer eye witness Oli Welsh.

Epic Games also praised the NGP's console-style operating system and its efficient control over memory and resources.

Sweeney went on to introduce a demo of Trendy Entertainment's UE3-powered Dungeon Defenders, a PC, PSN and XBLA game. Converting from PS3 took a week, apparently.

Does four times the power equal four times the power consumption? That we don't yet know.

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