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Dungeon Defenders PC DLC not coming to console

Blame "the realities of the console world".

Dungeon Defenders' PC DLC will not launch on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, developer Trendy has revealed.

This includes the current and future Holiday DLC, the New Heroes Pack, the Barbarian character, Assault Mission Pack, Nightmare Mode and Shops.


Trendy outlined a raft of reasons on its forum, and explained the patching process on console.

"This is for a variety of technical and business reasons including patch size limitations and patch stacking requirements, as well as the massive restructuring of the current console game that would have to take place, the QA processes necessary to prepare those changes for submission, and the opportunity cost of pursuing other projects," Trendy explained.

"There are two key differences between patching on consoles and patching on PC: approval processes and platform-restrictions. The former forces content to be finished well in advance of their release on console. The latter includes restrictions such as patch size (4mb on XBLA, unless you're granted an exception), content, etc.

"For example, XBLA patches stack, so it would require anyone who downloads Dungeon Defenders to immediately download all of the subsequent patches on launch. So, even if we were allowed to update console like we have on PC, anyone who downloaded Dungeon Defenders today would immediately have to download multiple gigabytes of content via a series of updates, before actually launching the game."

Despite this the console versions of the tower defense game will get some DLC, such as expansion packs The Lost Eternia Shards: Mistymire Forest.

Trendy finished by apologising to console players. "I will say this failure eats at the very core of some of us (including yours truly). Many of us are avid console players. In fact, some of us haven't picked up anything besides a controller to play games in years.

"However, the realities of the console world still prevent us from bringing this content to consoles."

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