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What's in the $300 edition of DiRT 3?

A poster? Mud? a CD?

Giant American shop-chain GameStop is selling new racing game DiRT 3 for $299.99.

No not the everyday edition - a special Ken Block Gymkhana RC Car Bundle.

For $300 you receive an exclusive replica Ken Block remote-controlled rally car. Oh, and the DiRT 3 game.

The car has a "multi-function knob" and something called a "Velineon 380 motor".

Will it come to Europe? We've asked Codemasters and it's TBC. Apparently the company that makes the RC cars runs an mostly American operation.

DiRT 3 arrives next month. Codemasters has been listening to feedback and accepts that in past games "the Americanisation might have gone too far". That's what chief designer Paul Coleman told Wesley Yin-Poole when put on the spot in February.

DiRT 3: a game for Christina Aguilera.

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