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Watch: Why sieges are “remarkably different” in Total War: Warhammer

Other than, y'know, this game having magic.

We grabbed Total War's Andre Arsenault after his talk at last week's EGX Rezzed to discuss what makes Warhammer's sieges "remarkably different" to previous titles in the series.

Aside from the obvious changes that come with switching from historical to fantasy, Total War: Warhammer also promises a range of improvements to the way in which the AI thinks about both assaulting and defending during a siege, which is really good to hear. I adore this franchise, but it's never quite got that right.

Join me in the video below as we discuss the changes and make sure to stick around until the end if you'd like to see some brand new gameplay too. It involves a giant breaking down a gate with a big club, which is nice.

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