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Watch us play SEGA Rally

Captured footage on EGTV.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

We've made noises from our mouths at you about SEGA Rally rather a lot recently. There's been those two previews and that recent play test, where Tom had to try and concentrate on the road while passenger (and SEGA Racing Studio boss) Guy Wilday talked in his ear. We even based a Eurogamer TV episode around the filthy racer. What we're trying to say is that it's good.

So in an effort to convey this to you, we chained cameraman James to the bonnet of a rally car (that looks like an Xbox 360) and asked him to capture three-separate-sections of footage from three different tracks. The result is now showing on EGTV.

Things to watch out for as you virtually wheel-spin your way to victory are chiefly the deformations in the track. You see, cars weigh rather a lot, and we aren't roaring around on tarmac here. So as you go, you'll leave a firm impression on the ground you pass over, offering a bit more friction for the next lap on icy circuits, for example.

Cameraman James wanted me to tell you that your rumble pad responds to how much mess you're in. He also wanted me to express that it was all very good fun and reminiscent of those days in the smelly arcades with a burly chap near you who was probably after your spending money. It even has the helicopters. Wink, wink.

So, without further ado, pop over to Eurogamer TV for our captured-footage of SEGA Rally. Any flaws are down to our video player, which is due an upgrade soon, and not the game, which really does look lovely.

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