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Watch us play Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 from 5pm GMT

Out of the darkness.

Mercury Steam's follow-up to its first take on Castlevania has been a long time coming, and maybe it hasn't been quite worth the wait, but that doesn't really stop Lords of Shadow 2 being one of the brightest prospects of what's been a pretty barren February.

"Lords of Shadows 2 is a little more fun over the long term than its many failings might suggest," wrote Christian this morning in his review. "It's generally a pleasant enough way to fritter away 15 or 20 hours."

If you don't have 15 to 20 hours spare, you could just watch an hour of it in action this evening courtesy of Ian Higton, who's going to be picking up from where the recent demo signed off for a livestream from 5pm GMT today. Naturally there'll be spoilers for those who want to come to the game fresh, but I didn't have to tell you that, did I?

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If you've just started playing the game for yourself, we've got a guide to help you beat even the toughest Lords of Shadow 2 bosses

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