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Watch this latest Dark Souls 3 gameplay trailer

True colours of darkness.

Dark Souls 3 has received a new trailer ahead of its 12th April western launch for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Cover image for YouTube videoDark Souls 3 - PS4/XB1/PC - Shadows Ahead (English) (Trailer)

Set to the theme of True Colors by Tom Kelly and Billy Steinberg, this latest trailer shows us a handful of new settings and bosses. There's a giant sentient tree, a fiery wolf-like ogre, something ensconced in ice shards, a couple of knights, and more. More than anything, this trailer just looks cool and you all should watch it.

Our Martin Robinson went hands-on with Dark Souls 3 at Tokyo Games Show last autumn and found it at once familiar and surprisingly different. "Dark Souls 3 still feels familiar, and comforting even - a strange situation given the hostility the series has often been renowned for. Meddle with those new systems, though, and get lost in the options the Critical Arts bring, and it'll soon yank you out of your comfort zone," he wrote in his Dark Souls 3 impressions. "There's never been any doubt over Dark Souls 3 being a great game - the interesting thing right now is how different it could well be."