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Watch: Table Top Racing: World Tour is Micro Machines for a new generation

Size matters not.

Being the oldest member of 'Team Video' at Eurogamer, I'm prone to a good tickling of my nostalgia button. That's why, when a game comes along that reminds me of days gone by, I'm drawn to it like a flat cap-wearing child to a loaf of Hovis. "Oooh, this reminds me of something I used to play back in the days when I could wear shorts without being judged" is a thought that may well pop into my head during such a time.

Table Top Racing: World Tour is one of those games. At first glance, you're likely reminded of one of two classics, Micro Machines or Mario Kart. In fact, TTR borrows unashamedly from both - and successfully mashes both IPs together, giving the resulting combat racer a gorgeous current gen paint job in the process.

During this year's EGX Rezzed, I managed to get my first hands-on with TTR: World Tour, and you can see that gameplay in all its 60fps glory via the video below. I also grabbed the chance to chat to industry legend Nick Burcome (co-creator of WipEout and CEO of Playrise Digital) who told me all about what TTR: World Tour has to offer.

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