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Watch: Johnny stuffs unconscious guards into a box in Dishonored 2

Hi, chaos.

I've been enjoying Dishonored 2 a lot recently, so I thought I might start a playthrough as Corvo on our YouTube channel. That's about as involved as the thought process got, really - I can't really promise you anything more high-concept than that. If that's not a deal breaker, however, then have I got a video for you.

Watch on YouTube

In the first part of what (I hope) will be a full run at Dishonored 2, Corvo and I bust out of confinement and cross the dingy streets of Dunwall to an exciting new venture in Karnaca. Cack-handedly. Click the video above for abortive attempts at stealth and a short game of 'how many unconscious guards can we fit in one metal storage container'.

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