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Watch Dogs: Legion's online mode delayed on PC

Crash Override.

Watch Dogs: Legion's online mode is delayed on PC, Ubisoft said. It was due out 9th March.

In a tweet the developer said it had identified an issue in the PC version that can cause the game to crash for players with certain GPUs, and had taken the decision to delay online indefinitely.

"The team is working on fixing the issue as quickly as possible," Ubisoft said.

Cover image for YouTube videoWatch Dogs: Legion: Online Gameplay Overview | Ubisoft [NA]

This is the second delay for Watch Dogs: Legion's online portion after an initial delay to early 2021 for various technical issues.

Legion's online play lets teams of four cause chaos across a variety of multiplayer modes, including open-world co-op and more intense multi-mission based challenges called Tactical Ops.

There will also be the chance to indulge in some PvP combat in the Spiderbot Arena, where up to eight players can recreate their own version of Robot Wars in short deathmatch battles.

You can watch Zoe, Aoife and Ian from Eurogamer's video team try out all of Watch Dogs: Legion's new online multiplayer modes in the below video, which features 20 minutes of gameplay.

Cover image for YouTube videoLet's Play Watch Dogs Legion Co-op Online Gameplay - LONDON'S BURNING!

Online launches on console as planned on 9th March, but not in its entirety. Ubisoft identified an issue that can cause the game to crash during the Tactical Op. As a result, the Tactical Op won't launch on PlayStation, Xbox and Stadia until 23rd March.

And a final warning: the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions will have limited in-game text chat at launch. A fix for this is due 23rd March as well.

"We appreciate your patience and understanding," Ubisoft said.