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Watch: 90 minutes of Worms W.M.D gameplay live at 3:30pm

Watch this!

There's a brand new Worms game out in a couple of weeks, which - if my maths serves me right - is around the four thousandth Worms game to have been released. OK, maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but there have definitely been more Worms games than I can count on both hands.

Worms W.M.D. is the newest instalment in the non-arthropod-invertibrate-em-up series, bringing a few new gameplay elements to the table; these include vehicles, buildings and crafting. We'll be checking out all the new additions live at 3:30pm as Chris, Aoife and I go head-to-head (do worms have heads?) to find out who is the best at worming.

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Are you a fan of Worms (the game series, not the parasites that live in your bum)? If you are, let us know your favourite Worms game in the comments below. I still have the original boxed Amiga version on my self. Good times were had.

See you at 3:30pm!

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