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Watch: 6 ways Star Wars Battlefront 2 fixes Battlefront

Plus more from Outside Xbox.

Hi Eurogamers, and welcome to your weekly round-up of videos from Outside Xbox, where this week we were quietly excited about the prospect of Star Wars Battlefront.

As a first stab by DICE at a Star Wars Battlefront game, 2015's Star Wars Battlefront was impressive but flawed. Over two years of unending galactic conflict, fans identified several infuriating elements of the experience and, fortunately, DICE has remedied six of the biggest offenders for sequel Star Wars Battlefront 2, which arrives in November of this year. Consider these Star Wars Battlefront bugbears that are fixed for the follow-up.

Cover image for YouTube videoStar Wars Battlefront 2: 6 Ways It Fixes What You Hated in Battlefront

Speaking of space, wannabe astronaut Jane recently did some training with the European Space Agency, and the time has come to put that space training to work in zero gravity, aboard a parabolic flight. Now boarding flight zero-g to weightlessness, please stow your tray table and discover seven things to do if you find yourself without gravity.

Cover image for YouTube videoZero Gravity Flight! (7 Things to Do If You Find Yourself in Zero Gravity)

Finally this week, we discovered that not all games stand idly by when you act like a jerk for no reason. Some skip the standard morality meter in favour of direct punishment, in fact, as in The Warriors, Banjo Kazooie and Spelunky. Consider both the karmic smackdowns in the following video, and yourself warned.

Cover image for YouTube video7 Times You Got Punished for Needlessly Being a Jackass

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