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Watch 18 minutes of Total War: Warhammer's Wood Elves

Looks Oak.

First of all, I'm sorry about that strapline. Tom Phillips said it would look better written down, but I'm not convinced.

Anyway! Total War: Warhammer is getting its next big DLC today, introducing the Wood Elves as a playable race along with their new mini campaign that sees them protecting a massive tree from some unknown evil.

I'm not really into the fiction (can you tell?), but I'm a big fan of how this new race handles battle itself. Unsurprisingly, the Wood Elves make fine archers, but it's not simply a case of increased range or damage output. There's quite a bit more to it than that, if you know what you're doing.

Join me in the video below as we take a look at what can you can manage with just a couple of units of archers.

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