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Warzone's Rebirth Island is getting a "facelift" next week

But what, exactly, is changing is a secret for now.

Call of Duty: Warzone's Rebirth Island is getting a "facelift" next week.

Whilst Raven Software was taciturn on the details - confirmation of the facelift was the full extent of its recent social media tease, along with the words "Reloaded and Reinforced" - sleuthy fans have already put the accompanying image under the magnifying glass.

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As spotted by NME, the biggest change seems to be that the security area has been switched to a stronghold, and a couple of new ships have dropped anchor at the docks.

Those hoping to see the demolition of the sniper tower in Living Quarters may be disappointed, though - that still appears to be present on the image. Check it out yourself below:

ICYMI, it's finally be confirmed - yes, officially - that Activision is bringing Call of Duty: Warzone to mobile devices.

In a short blog post shared last week, the publisher wrote: "We are creating an all-new, AAA mobile experience that will bring the thrilling, fluid and large-scale action of Call of Duty: Warzone to players on the go".

The company then highlighted the many roles currently waiting to be filled on its "growing, award-winning team of mobile veterans and emerging talent".