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Wario's new voice actor now seemingly confirmed

It's-a no surprise, really.

Nintendo artwork showing Wario dressed in his classic yellow cap and purple overalls, striking a sneaky pose.
Image credit: Nintendo

The new voice of Wario - or at least, the person behind his grumpy moustachioed mouth in WarioWare: Move It! - looks to be Kevin Afghani, the actor also cast as the new voices of both Mario and Luigi.

It's not a huge surprise to see Aghani taking on Wario as well, as this role was one of the four major Mario voices all performed by the legendary Charles Martinet, alongside Mario, Luigi and Waluigi.

Afghani's role as Wario looks to be confirmed within the WarioWare: Move It! credits, where he's listed as the game's principal performer. (In a typically oddball touch, we can also see his favourite food listed alongside his name: it's sushi).

Nintendo's latest trailer for WarioWare: Move It!Watch on YouTube

The role of Wario - a past Mario antagonist and present curator of zany microgrames - has been left vacant after Martinet was transitioned by Nintendo into becoming a nebulous-sounding "Mario ambassador" earlier this year.

Indeed, Nintendo had left it mysterious whether it would be one person or two taking on the roles of Mario and Luigi until shortly before the launch of this month's Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

A screenshot of WarioWare: Move It!'s credits, showing Kevin Afghani's name listed as its principle performer.
WarioWare: Move It!'s credits show Kevin Afghani listed as its principle performer. | Image credit: Nintendo / Eurogamer

So, can fans tell the difference? Well, just like with Mario, the answer is yes. Take a listen to some of Afghani's work as Wario below, contrasted with that of Martinet's original.

Interested to hear how Wario sounds in Dutch? Me too. Here you go:

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