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WarHawk Euro date still TBC

But US get official details.

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Sony UK has remained quiet about when we'll see WarHawk in Europe and how much it will cost here.

It follows earlier confirmation from official US PlayStation blog, which announced the game would be released over there on 28th August.

The "premium" Blu-ray version will cost you USD 59.95 and will come with extra video content, a Bluetooth headset and a manual - apparently that's important. Alternatively you can buy exactly the same game without those trimmings on the PlayStation Network for USD 39.95.

Those of you in the US have already had the chance to play WarHawk thanks to an open beta test, which saw trigger-happy participants pump in over 30 hours game time each. Because of this, Sony will be trawling the data collected to find the top 100 players, who will get some artwork and a special broach. Badge. Pin. Whatever you call it.

Sony Europe also had nothing to offer over the recent delay of Lair in the US, which was pushed back from 14th August to 4th September there. Hopefully that means it won't affect us.

WarHawk is due for release in Europe later this year.

Head over to our WarHawk gamepage to see what we're all so excited about.

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