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Warframe's big quality-of-life-focussed Revised update out now on PS4 and Xbox One

And it's coming to Switch "soon".

Following its PC launch at the beginning of March, Warframe's massive quality-of-life-focussed update is now available on Xbox One and PS4 - and it'll be coming to Switch "soon".

Warframe Revised, as the update is known, is bit of a beast, introducing numerous changes across a broad array of systems, bringing the likes of AI aimbot improvements, self-damage removal, and significant overhauls to Warframe's armour, health, and shield system.

Perhaps the biggest change, however, relates to the Rising Tide quest added at the end of last year, which enabled players to build their own dry dock and Railjack ship in the run-up to Warframe's subsequent deep-space-combat-focussed Empyrean update.

According to Digital Extremes, "months of stats" have proved the barrier to entry was ultimately too high, and only Warframe veterans saw Rising Tide to its conclusion. As such, Revised brings rebalanced Blueprints, reducing costs for Railjack parts by 66%-75%, and build times to 6 hours each. Players that already completed the original Rising Tide will have the difference in resources returned and receive two Rush Repair Drones as compensation.

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Today's update also features a range of console- and platform-specific enhancements, and full patch notes for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases can be found on Digital Extremes' website. The developer has also provided patch notes for the Switch version, which "remains in cert" at present, but is due to release "soon".

In other Warframe news, the ongoing situation around the COVID-19 coronovirus has resulted in a number of operational changes for the Digital Extremes. Last week, the developer announced it had made the "difficult decision" to cancel the attendee event portion of this year's TennoCon fan convention, and that it will now be making its big Warframe announcements during a special digital event to be held on 11th July.

Additionally, the studio confirmed it has opted to cancel all livestreams this week as its staff transition to home-working as part of its "necessary precautions for COVID-19". However, development continues on Operation: Scarlet Spear, described as "the biggest Operation in Warframe's history. This will see will see air and ground Tenno squads teaming up to quell a Sentient invasion, and is currently expected sometime this week.

As a reminder, players that log into Warframe before 30th March will receive a selection of freebies as part of the game's seventh anniversary celebrations.