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Warframe players can start assembling their own flyable battleships in latest update

Ready for the upcoming Empyrean expansion.

Soon, Warframe players and their crew of shiny-helmeted chums will be able to take to the stars and engage in co-op space battles as part of the free-to-play sci-fi game's highly anticipated Empyrean expansion. Ahead of that, however, developer Digital Extremes is giving players the opportunity to prepare for launch in its Rising Tide update, out now on PC.

In order to achieve lift-off when Empyrean lands later this year, Tenno will first need to gather - either working with clan members or alone - the resources required to construct their own Dry Dock. Once complete, this "an all-in-one workshop and garage" can be used to begin assembly of Warframe's new Railjack ships - although they'll remain grounded until Empyrean's arrival.

In order to construct a Railjack, players will first need to obtain help from "reluctant" AI, Cephalon Cy, who'll assist in scouring the Origin System for lost Railjack technology. Quite how much scouring is required - and whether it's realistically achievable for solo players - remains to be seen. Digital Extremes notes that, following the launch of the Empyrean update, Tenno will be able to fully customise their completed battleship with new weapons, parts, and mods.

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As part of the Empyrean preparations, Rising Tide will also overhaul players' existing landing craft - also known as the Liset - which currently serves as the main hub area. Changes will include improved visual elements, such as enhanced lighting, as well as new machines, and even a new "moonroof" for those that find tranquility in gazing at the stars.

Rounding out the update are a number of premium additions to the paid Market Place, including "ethereal" new weapons, armour, and cosmetics as part of the Cumulus Collection, and the new Equinox Antonym Collection.

The latter features a new Antonym Skin that changes when Equinox shifts form, plus the signature Circadian Syandana and signature Astreos Sword and Shield Skin.

Warframe's Rising Tide update is available to download now on PC and it'll be making its way to consoles at some currently unspecified point "in the future".