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Warframe's Empyrean expansion rockets onto PC

As Rising Tide arrives on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

It's here at last: announced during the Game Awards, Warframe's spaceship co-op expansion is now live for PC players - all for free, though you might need to do some of the grunt work if you want to catch a ride on someone else's Railjack.

First announced as Project Railjack during TennoCon 2018, the Empyrean expansion has been a long time coming, but looks to be worth the wait. After building a drydock and their own Railjack (the big ships), players can engage in massive space battles to take out objectives such Grineer vessels, or asteroids with big guns on them. Players can board enemy ships using Archwing cannons, level up individual roles onboard the ship (tactical, piloting, gunnery and engineering) and upgrade their Railjacks with special abilities or fancy paint options. There's a lot going on, so if you want the full tour, check out the latest devstream below.

While Empyrean is centred around four-player co-op, in a media Q&A session, live operations and community manager Rebecca Ford told Eurogamer that solo players can expect further tweaks to the expansion post-launch.

"The solo design is going to be built around the command intrinsic," Ford said. "We're not releasing with this. This is going to be the way for solo players to progress and earn points to equip NPCs on their ship that persist in combat. You can enable NPCs that auto repair breach, that auto put out fires, that fight out boarding parties. Everything you saw me try to do case by case individually as a solo player, you'll eventually be able to use the command intrinsic to command others to do for you. And that is how the solo design will be approached."

There's also news for Warframe players on consoles, too, as the Rising Tide update is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This gives players the quests leading up to building their own Railjack: so you too can get started on your journey to the stars.

Now Railjack's on its feet, perhaps there's a chance we'll see cross-save implemented fairly soon: the ability for players to use their account across multiple platforms. "If it's not Railjack, we're working on it," Ford told Eurogamer during the Q&A. "We have such a variety of players across all our platforms and for them to have the ability to transfer their accounts around would make the experience, I think, so much more social for everyone.

"It's definitely going to be that, so I wish we had it right now."

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