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Viva Piñata US demo

On Live now.

It's taken a while to happen, but Viva Piñata has finally arrived on Xbox Live Marketplace in demo form. Depressingly though, it's only available to US gamers.

That's likely because the demo is set to appear on the UK's Official Xbox Magazine in the near future, where it'll probably occupy the same 1GB of space.

Of course, you could always create a fake US Xbox Live account and use that to download the demo, but we couldn't possibly condone that. Much.

Were you to be a bit NAUGHTY and ILLEGAL though you'd discover that Rare's third big Xbox 360 exclusive is a masterpiece of time-sapping management and creation rituals.

Getting animals to mate and giggling at their silly little dances (foxes doing the Foxtrot, for example) is top fun, and that's before you get into the hidden depths of water features, cross-breeds, variants, fertilisers and setting fire to bats.

For more on what makes it good, plant yourself on the review page. We'll let you know when the demo arrives outside the US.