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Five of the Best: Gardens


Imagine being tiny in a back garden and looking up at the blades of grass and a huge baseball and the sun coming through. That's what you see here.
Image credit: Obsidian Entertainment

Five of the Best is a weekly series for supporters of Eurogamer. It's a series about highlighting some of the features in games that are often overlooked. It's also a series about you having your say, so don't be shy, use the comments below and join in!

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Gardens! Home of cat poo and snails. But oh to be in nature and among the gentle rhythm of it all - the buzzing of insects and chirping of birds, all while the sun lazes across the sky, warming you as you drift off thinking about nothing very much at all. Bliss. That's the fantasy, anyway. And it's a fantasy we've seen pulled on in games time and time again. One of our contributors, Rob Dwiar, who's a landscape gardener, has actually explored this quite a lot. Gardens are uplifting places to be. But the question is, which games have the best gardens of all?

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