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Vince McMahon playable in WWE 2K23

Despite controversies which saw him briefly retire last year.

Controversial former WWE boss Vince McMahon appears as a playable character in WWE 2K23.

The inclusion of McMahon, first reported by Axios, has raised eyebrows following his resignation as CEO and brief retirement from WWE last summer after multiple claims of sexual harassment and assault.

WWE ultimately admitted McMahon had paid $19.6m to settle various sexual misconduct claims over the past two decades. Despite this, McMahon returned to the company to serve as its chairman in January of this year.

McMahon's daughter Stephanie, who quit WWE upon her father's return this year, is also playable.

McMahon appears in WWE 2K23 under his villainous "Mr. McMahon" persona, despite the real McMahon having been kept largely out of the public eye since last summer's controversies hit the headlines.

Eurogamer has contacted 2K for comment, but not heard back.

EA and Konami last year removed Manchester Uniter striker Mason Greenwood from their football titles following his arrest on suspicion of rape and assault.

Manchester City defender Benjamin Mendy was also removed from FIFA 23 while facing court charges for rape and sexual assault.

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