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Video: Playing Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition on PS4

Beautiful mayhem.

The new console version of Diablo 3 - the Ultimate Evil Edition - will be released on 19th August.

In the video below, Christian and I romp through the E3 demo and talk you through what you're seeing.

We also talk about what you're not seeing, which is important, because this build doesn't show off some of the exclusive Ultimate Evil Edition content.

We don't see the intriguing Nemesis system, which enables enemies - any kind - to level up if they kill you, and then invade a friend's game (labelled as your nemesis). They can increase their level up to five times before they hit their level cap.

We don't see the gifting and mail box features, which allow you to send things to friends, including mystery legendary - "Gift for a Friend" - items that cleverly tailor themselves to the recipient. The Gift for a Friend items sometimes drop alongside normal legendary items.

Finally, we don't see the Apprentice Mode, which allows newer characters to be temporarily buffed - in terms of damage and toughness - to the level of the friend they're playing with. It doesn't sound like you'll unlock new skills appropriate to your buffed level, but you will at least be able to contribute.

What you do see are the opening sections of the Reaper of Souls content, and a rock-solid 1080p60 (YouTube is capped at 30fps for now, sadly) experience. It's beautiful mayhem.

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