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Valorant Ignition Battle Pass weapon skins, buddies and price explained

Everything you need to know about Valorant's first battle pass.

Ignition: Act 1 is the title for Valorant's first battle pass and with it comes a variety of rewards for you to earn, including weapon skins.

You can also earn a variety of buddies, which are little trinkets that will be attached to your chosen weapon as you play.

The battle pass isn't the only way to earn rewards in Valorant - you can also earn rewards themed around specific agents by completing their specific Agent Contract.

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Valorant Ignition: Act 1 battle pass free weapon skin

The free track for the Valorant Ignition: Act 1 battle pass include on weapon skin:

Tier 50 - Kingdom Classic

Valorant Ignition: Act 1 battle pass prime weapon skins

Below you can find all the weapon skins you can unlock by completing the Valorant Ignition: Act 1 battle pass:

Tier 1 - Kingdom Bucky

Tier 5 - Kingdom Spectre

Tier 10 - Couture Bulldog

Tier 15 - Couture Stinger

Tier 16 - Couture Frenzy

Tier 20 - Couture Marshal

Tier 25 - Kingdom Phantom

Tier 30 - Dot Exe Odin

Tier 35 - Dot Exe Ghost

Tier 40 - Dot Exe Judge

Tier 45 - Dot Exe Vandal

Tier 50 - Kingdom Melee

Valorant Ignition: Act 1 battle pass free buddy

The free track for Valorant Ignition: Act 1 offers three different types of buddies for your weaponry and you'll receive two of each buddy.

Here are the buddies you can unlock:

Tier 10 - EP 1 2020 Coin Buddy

Tier 30 - Radianite Crystal Buddy

Tier 45 - Toaster Buddy

Valorant Ignition: Act 1 battle pass prime buddies

You can earn up to eight buddies in the premium track for Valorant Ignition: Act 1 and you'll receive two of each buddy you unlock.

Below you can find every buddy you can unlock in the premium track:

Tier 2 - GL Have Cat Buddy

Tier 7 - Crate Buddy

Tier 14 - Cheesed Buddy

Tier 23 - Donut Buddy

Tier 33 - Pizza Buddy

Tier 37 - Bullet Buddy

Tier 44 - Radianite Crate Buddy

Tier 47 - Ascent Rising Buddy

Good completing Valorant's first battle pass!

Valorant is here! Our handy Valorant tips and tricks page is a great place to start. Otherwise check out the first season's Battle Pass skins and our Valorant agents tier list and best Valorant guns list to help you climb the ranks. If you're looking for technical advice, make sure you fit the required, minimum, recommended and high end specs and know how to solve any Valorant error codes.

Valorant Ignition: Act 1 battle pass price

The battle pass for Ignition: Act 1, the first season in Valorant, is divided into two different paths - free and premium.

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While you don't need to purchase a battle pass to complete the 'Play to Unlock Free Agents' reward track or the Agent contacts, the majority of the rewards for the Ignition: Act 1 battle pass can only be earned if you purchase the premium pass.

The premium battle pass costs 1100 Valorant points, which is the in-game currency for Valorant. You can buy a bundle of 1100 Valorant points for £9.99.

Once you have unlocked everything you need, the next step is to climb to the top of the ranking system.