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Former Valorant streamer dropped by Sky Sports after past misogynistic comments surface

Won't feature on air again.

Sky Sports is reportedly no longer working with streamer IShowSpeed after news of his misogynistic, racist and abusive comments reached executives at the channel.

Until recently the streamer, whose real name is Darren Watkins Jr, was working with Sky Sports, helping with its broadcasts of matches for the English Premier League.

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However, the channel has now removed almost all traces of the streamer from its social media feeds (although some still remain).

As reported by The Athletic, Sky's decision to cut ties with the streamer came after executives were made aware of a video of Watkins from April, during which he verbally abused his team mates during a round of Valorant.

This volatile tirade by the streamer resulted in his ban from not only Valorant, but other Riot games as well.

Watkins went on to apologise for his actions, although this viral clip showing the streamer being abusive was not an isolated incident.

Watkins has previously been banned from Twitch for "sexual coercion or intimidation", while as recently as September YouTube has removed videos from his channel for violating its harassment, threats and cyberbullying policy.

The less we see of him the better!