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Valheim update fixes two bugged raid events

Name and shaman.

We're still waiting for that big Heath and Home update, but in the meantime developer Iron Gate has rolled out another small patch to fix some of Valheim's bugs. This patch makes two previously-bugged raid events actually trigger in-game, and provides a number of other handy fixes to make your time in the 10th world slightly easier. Slightly.

The two events fixed in this update are "you are being hunted" and "the horde is attacking", which were previously in the game files but didn't trigger as expected. According to the Valheim wiki, the hunt event is supposed to spawn a bunch of wolves, while the horde event should summon a goblin army of Fulings (including Berserkers and Shamans).

The exact conditions for triggering these events are currently unknown, but the pattern established by previous events suggests the hunt event could require killing one wolf and Moder, while the horde raid should occur in-between killing Moder and the final boss. So if you're currently in the late-game, things are about to get a bit spicier.

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There are also a couple of tweaks to enemy combat in this patch: countering Trolls should now be a little easier, as their ground slam attack can now be blocked. If you're out hunting Serpents these will no longer flee when low on health, thus preventing any extended games of cat-and-mouse.

As for the other fixes, Iron Gate has resolved a problem with the respawn timer for certain resources (meaning berries and flint should now "correctly respawn"), while capes will no longer "form strange bumps on the back after jumping". Raising terrain will now be "smooth and less pointy", and water should no longer clip into the bottom of boats.

Iron Gate recently detailed in a blog post that its team is still working from home, but that it's still looking to move into an office. It sounds like plans to expand the team are underway, and while the developer doesn't want to rush the next update, work on Hearth and Home has been "going well" with plenty of items and mechanics now being finalised. Oh, and Iron Gate also bought a horse.