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This Valheim "raft luge" is just ridiculous


A popular pastime in the Valheim community, for some reason, is the construction of slides and ramps on which to ride boats down mountains. Most of these typically try to launch the boats (and accompanying riders) into the sky, but the latest one is more about navigating your way to the bottom with skill - and hopefully not dying in the process.

Body Recovery Squad, Mission 1: A Rough LandingWatch on YouTube

As shared by Reddit user okayshima, this "mountain raft luge" is possibly the most complicated Valheim slide I've seen so far. Complete with start and finish signs, it's an enormously long slide complete with named points of interest. One area decorated with dragon eggs is called The Nest, for instance, and there's a particularly hairy jump through a ring called Moder's Fall. Riders need to constantly repair the raft to prevent it from breaking (if you were wondering what all the hammering is about).

We built a mountain raft luge on our dedicated server! No mods. It goes from the mountain top all the way down to the sea. Before and after build comparison in the comments from r/valheim

What's even more impressive is the group did this manually, without the help of game mods. The group did use debug mode on a separate server to prototype the whole thing, but the construction of the final product was done using vanilla Valheim. "Started gathering wood from our tree farm and building about two weeks ago, mostly on weekends and mostly done by one person, although with a bit of help from others at certain parts like the big ring," okayshima explained. "Not sure about the actual number of hours."

Surprisingly, it seems the track doesn't need repairs all that often - collision only does a little damage and rain only affects the forest and meadow biomes - so it's not as high-maintenance as you might think. That 360-degree spin was apparently a bit of a surprise for all involved, and the slide can be rather unpredictable. "It's also possible for the raft to flip sideways and lose momentum or just get stuck, at which point you have to smash it up and do it over (there are a bunch of portals at the little camps hidden under the track, marked by red banners, which go back up to the top", okayshima added. "But it's good enough that most of the time, the raft survives to the bottom."

If you're interested in seeing before and after shots of the Valheim luge (and the group's accompanying brewery), make sure to check out the video below:

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It's a great example of the sort of silliness you can get up to in Valheim - the Viking "space race" being another - and I just want to know the fastest time on that luge. The group should definitely hold a winter Olympics to find out.

In other Valheim news, Iron Gate recently released a few more teasers for the Hearth and Home update - and more importantly, announced that the trolls are getting absolutely shredded.

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