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Upcoming RTS Men of War 2 delayed into 2023

"We believe that meeting a deadline should never compromise quality."

Men of War 2, the sequel to the original cult RTS Men of War, will now release in 2023.

Developed by Ukrainian studio Best Way, this release has been delayed in order to "accommodate new features and content suggested by its fans and improve the game itself". The development team noted that, due to the ongoing effects of the war in Ukraine, these improvements would not be possible to facilitate within the original timeframe.

Along with this announcement, the developer also shared a new trailer for Men of War 2. This is titled 'The Price of Victory', and can be watched below.

Men of War 2 'The Price of Victory'.

New content coming to Men of War 2 includes a standalone campaign for the Third Reich - something "much requested" during the game's closed playtests - and new missions for other factions.

In addition to these, there will also be improvements made to other gameplay features, including a "significant" upgrade of the user interface.

Speaking on this decision to delay Men of War 2's release, producer Maxim Kamensky had the following to say:

"Postponing the release of a project you hold dear is always a tough decision. However, we believe that meeting a deadline should never compromise quality and we are happy that Fulqrum Publishing agreed to give us the time we need to produce a truly great game.

"Also, this delay provides us with enough time for all the polishing and balancing phases, much needed for a game the scope of Men of War 2. Thanks to our great community for their positive feedback during closed tests - this is very valuable.

"This extra time will give us a chance to deliver an exceptional experience to the players... Especially keeping in mind that so many of them can't wait to play it."

On its release, Men of War 2 will be available on PC via Steam, Epic Games Store and other digital stores.

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