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Until Dawn hires award-winning Hollywood talent to write it

Developer "seriously considering" DualShock support, encourages fan feedback on that.

Sony's Move exclusive teen horror parody Until Dawn is being penned by a couple of Hollywood horror gurus.

Larry Fessenden who wrote and directed the award-winning indie horror flicks Habit and Wendigo will be handling the script alongside Graham Reznick, a horror aficionado who wore many different hats in the film industry.

Developer Supermassive Games executive producer Pete Samuels said the game will be about seven hours long, reports Polygon.

When asked if the developer would consider offering support for the defacto DualShock controller Samuels said, "We're absolutely seriously considering that," and encouraged fans to leave feedback regarding control options.

It seems odd to not offer DualShock support off the bat since that's the controller everyone has, whereas a Move can cost a pretty penny, but a designer at Supermassive defended this decision in a comment last time we wrote about Until Dawn [Editor's note: The designer has since contacted us to clarify that though he works at Supermassive, he was not involved in the game nor the decisions revolving around its controller options.] "Move controllers are ace!" he said, followed by "the Move needs exclusives... That's nobody saying that 'OMG the DOOL SHOK sux!' it's just certain games are better with different controllers."