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Until Dawn dev shows Hidden Agenda, a crime thriller for PS4 with a social twist

Couples with new initiative called PlayLink.

Until Dawn developer Supermassive has revealed a new, dark, crime thriller called Hidden Agenda.

It follows a homicide detective and district attorney on the trail of a serial killer called the Trapper, who sets fatal traps on bodies in order to kill the first responders to the scene. It looks visually impressive like Until Dawn.

But the intriguing twist comes from a new Sony initiative called PlayLink, an app to bring phones into a gaming experience. In Hidden Agenda, for instance, each player influences decisions in the game using their phone.

PlayLink even sets players their own personal agendas, hence the game's name, so you'll be working against each other.

Decisions range from sticking together to splitting up; saving your partner or saving a hostage; questioning someone or waiting patiently.

In Hidden Agenda, choices have wide-reaching consequences, and everyone in the game can die. The inspiration came from the choices people were making - and shouting out - in Until Dawn.

A trailer for Hidden Agenda said up to five people could play the game - locally, it looks like. Supermassive noted that you can also play the game alone.

PlayLink is due at some point in 2017.

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