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Uncharted: Fortune Hunter is shutting down

Sorry Drake, no treasure here.

Naughty Dog has announced its mobile spin off Uncharted: Fortune Hunter is shutting down.

In a tweet, the developer stated: "As of today [28th March], in-game purchases of treasure maps and bags of orbs have been disabled, and the game is no longer available for download from the Apple app or Google Play store."

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However, the developer did affirm that while the game is retiring, those who own it already will be able to keep playing in offline mode right up until the point the app is removed completely from devices.

Naughty Dog did not say why it is retiring Uncharted: Fortune Hunter, but low player numbers is likely a factor.

While the Uncharted series concluded with A Thief's End and its DLC Lost Legacy, there has long been hope for an Uncharted 5. After all, Naughty Dog has previously teased "never say never".

But while Uncharted 5 may be just a pipe dream for now, fans of the series can get their fix by diving into the Legacy of Thieves collection for PlayStation 5.

Meanwhile, the Uncharted film will be available to watch digitally on 26th April and on 4K UHD & Blu-ray from 10th May.

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