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Uncharted 4 Trophy guide

A full Trophy list, including guides for Charted! Speedrun, Trials and Tribulations, Boom County, Defeat 10 in 60 and Rushing Roulette.

On this page of our Uncharted 4 guide you'll find a full list of all the Trophies in the game, including all the Hidden Trophies. Many of them are pretty self-explanatory. With a few, there's a simple trick to getting them, and we've described it in the entry. Some will require real skill to get: in particular, Trials and Tribulations, Boom Country, Defeat 10 in 60 and Rushing Roulette. We've provided tips for these below. Finally, there's the speedrunning Trophy, Charted! This is a real challenge, and we've provided more detailed tips for it below the Trophy list. Happy hunting.

Uncharted 4 - full Trophy list


  • One Last Time: Collect all the trophies.
  • Charted! Explorer, Light, Moderate, Hard, and Crushing: Complete the game on various difficulty levels. Crushing mode is unlocked after completing the game once on any difficulty.
  • Charted! Speedrun: Complete the game in under six hours.
    See full guide below.
  • First Treasure: Find a treasure.
  • Treasure Hunter: Find 50 treasures.
  • Treasure Master: Find all 109 treasures.
  • Relic Finder: Find the three strange relics - Strange Pendant, Strange Relic, and Strange Fruit. (Hidden trophy.)
    Check our Treasures and Collectibles guide for the locations of all three.
  • Jot This Down: Find a journal entry.
  • Lost Art of Journalling: Find all 25 journal entries.
  • Take a Note: Find a journal note.
  • Lost History: Find all 23 journal notes.
  • Head of the Class: Kill 20 enemies with a headshot.
  • You Have a Head for Business: Kill 50 enemies with a headshot.
  • Hangman's Bullet: Make 20 headshots while hanging from a rope.
  • Stealth First, Ask Questions Later: Stealth takedown 5 enemies.
  • Shh, Sleep Now: Stealth takedown 30 enemies.
  • I Thought I Heard Something: Perform 30 vertical stealth takedowns.
  • Run-and-Gunner: Kill 50 enemies while firing from the hip or blind firing from behind cover.
  • Leapfrog: Defeat 10 enemies in a row, alternating shooting and hand-to-hand combat.
  • Unstoppable!: Defeat 100 enemies in a row without dying in combat. (Falling off cliffs is fine.)
  • Sharpshooter: Complete the game with 70% or higher accuracy.
  • Rushing Roulette: Defeat enemies with a pistol followed by a machine gun followed by a grenade, all within 15 seconds.
    This requires a bit of luck, but most of the encounters in Chapter 14 are a good place to try as there are always a few exposed enemies, and a couple in small enclosed areas. Stick the game on easy and equip the Barok .44 as your pistol (it'll take down most enemies with a single shot), a machine gun of your choosing, and make sure you've got a full complement of grenades. When you trigger the fight, take down a distant enemy with the pistol, a nearby one with the machine gun, then hurl a few grenades at any enemy that's in an enclosed space.
  • Ghost in the Cemetery: Get through the cemetery encounter in chapter 8 without killing or being spotted.
  • Butterfingers: Make 10 enemies drop their grenades.
  • Boom County: Kill 4 enemies with a single explosion (grenades, RPGs, and environmental explosions all count).
    There are a few places where this can be done reliably, but the easiest method is to unlock the RPG in the Bonus menu and equip it at the start of the drawbridge section in Chapter 10. When the enemies start to arrive, move across to the right side of the building below and wait for the truck to park there before loosing a rocket into the back as the enemies climb out.
  • Defeat 10 in 60: Kill 10 enemies in one minute using the China GL weapon.
    Another one that can be done in a few places, but most of the fights in Chapter 10 are an ideal opportunity, as the enemies are closely packed and can be caught unawares. Unlock and turn on infinite ammo, give yourself the China Lake GL, and fire off a few rounds as soon as you're in range.
  • Hang Tough!: Destroy 10 enemies while being dragged behind the rope in chapter 11.
  • Run the Table: Defeat enemies with a stealth attack followed by a melee attack, a headshot, and an explosive within 15 seconds.
  • Hitting a Brick Wall: Defeat 5 armoured enemies with only melee attacks.
  • Peaceful Resolution Don't kill any enemies from the time you're marooned up to reaching the treasury. (Hidden trophy.)
  • Wingman: Perform 10 buddy takedowns.
  • Cliffhanger: Pull 20 enemies over a ledge from below.
  • Ludonarrative Dissonance: Kill 1000 enemies. (Hidden trophy.)
  • Don't Feed the Animals: Buy an apple and let the lemur steal it in chapter 11. (Hidden trophy.)
  • I Accidentally All the Guns: Fire every weapon in the game once, and kill at least one enemy with a powder keg and one with a gas tank. (Hidden trophy.)
  • Not a Cairn in the World: Knock down all the cairns in chapter 10. (Hidden trophy.)
  • I Can See My House From Here! Climb to the very top of the clock tower in chapter 11. (Hidden trophy.)
  • Trials and Tribulations: Complete the wheel puzzle in chapter 9 in 10 moves or less. (Hidden trophy.)
    We gave the obvious solution to this puzzle in the main walkthrough, but if you want the trophy it requires a bit more thought. There are a few ways to achieve it, but here's how to do it in seven moves:
    Turn 1 clockwise once.
    Turn 3 clockwise once.
    Turn 1 clockwise twice.
    Turn 3 clockwise once.
    Turn 2 clockwise once.
    Turn 3 clockwise once.
  • Best Score!: Beat the 3,500 high score in Crash Bandicoot. (Hidden trophy.) Note: this must be done in the Epilogue, it can't be achieved in Chapter 4.
  • Gift of Gab: Trigger all the optional conversations. (Hidden trophy.)
  • Marco Polo Returns!: Swim around in the ocean near the sunken ship in chapter 12. (Hidden trophy.)
  • Stage Fright: In chapter 11, after the cutscene where Rafe reveals he knows your location thanks to GPS, stand still for 30 seconds. (Hidden trophy.) This is a reference to the famous failed E3 2015 demo.
  • Just Floor It: In chapter 17, when you reach the jeep, don't kill any enemies and just get in and drive away. (Hidden trophy.)
  • On Porpoise: Drive the boat around the sea in the area to the left of the sunken ship, and you'll run across a porpoise that will eventually start following you. Get three following at once to unlock this. (Hidden trophy.)
  • Still Got It!: Hit all four targets in the attic in chapter 3. (Hidden trophy.)
  • Glamour Shot: While taking pictures of the portraits in chapter 11, snap one of Sully. (Hidden trophy.)
  • Swordmaster: Perfectly parry all of Rafe's moves in chapter 22. (Hidden trophy.)


  • Continue the Adventure: Complete the introduction.
  • Get In the Game: Play 5 matches.
  • Trials by Fire: Complete all the trials on moderate difficulty.
  • Friends Forever!? Spawn 10 sidekicks.
  • Medic!: Heal 10 allies.

Cover image for YouTube videoUncharted 4 Tech Analysis: A PS4 Masterpiece
Uncharted 4 Tech Analysis: A PS4 Masterpiece

How to get the Charted! Speedrun Trophy

Some game developers discourage speedrunning, but thankfully Naughty Dog have decided to embrace this odd but strangely addictive pursuit. We've not yet come across any sequence breaks, so for now the only way to speedrun this game is, well, to play it quickly. But aside from learning the chapter layouts and routes, nailing every jump and swing first time, and generally making as few mistakes as possible, there are a few things you can do to speed things up:

1) Play on Explorer (easy) difficulty and turn on auto-lock. It's sometimes a pain in normal gameplay, but as you'll be minimising combat where possible, it can speed things up if you need to get rid of one or two specific enemies.

2) Ignore combat where possible. Most of the fights are actually optional, and if you can make it out of the combat area alive, you can ignore the enemies entirely. A couple of fights are mandatory, and one or two can be skipped but may rely on luck to get through:

  • Chapter 6: When you reach the ballroom you'll have to take on a few enemies in order to cause the doors to open.
  • Chapter 9: After emerging from the crypt it's possible to stealth your way through and open the door, but on easy difficulty it's probably quicker to clear out some or all of the enemies to give yourself some breathing room.
  • Chapter 10: You can ignore the fight that's followed by pulling down the bridge to make a ramp - just drive over the bridge and pull it down, and you should survive unscathed. The drawbridge section can also be done without fighting - when the enemies arrive, just turn the crank again, and with luck you'll survive long enough to get it down.
  • Chapter 11: The vehicle chase section is unavoidable.
  • Chapter 17: The fight on the elevator is technically optional and you don't have to kill everyone, but you can't make the elevator go any faster, so it doesn't save any time and may get you killed into the bargain.
  • Chapter 18: The fight that kicks off when you try and force the door open at the end is compulsory.
  • Chapter 20: None of the combat in this can be skipped.

3)Jump along flat ground and roll up slopes (unless you're in a combat zone, in which case sprinting is quicker). It's not much faster, but over the course of the game the time saving adds up.

4) Skip cutscenes. While in real terms it sometimes takes longer to skip than to watch them, the game timer doesn't run during the loading screens.

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