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Uncharted 4 treasure locations list

Where to find all treasures.

The Uncharted games are known for their well-hidden collectibles, and Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is no exception. As well as the series' traditional Treasures hidden through every level, Naughty Dog's latest adds three new kinds of collectible: Journal Notes, Journal Entries, and Conversations. There are 109 Treasures, 23 Journal Notes, 25 Journal Entries and 36 Conversations, and you'll need to collect them all if you want to unlock everything the game has to offer. Here's our guide to just how to do that.

If you're picking up the collectibles while playing through the game for the first time, they're all listed as they occur in our full walkthrough (linked below). But if you are hopping around the game mopping the collectibles up after completion, then you might find the guides in this article more useful.

On this page, we present a full list of Treasure locations, in the order they appear in the in-game menu. On the following pages, we list Journal Notes, Journal Entries and Conversations in the order they crop up in the game.

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All Uncharted 4 Treasure Locations


  1. Panamanian Cat Pendant: After being given your freedom and reaching the shack with your trusty rope, drop down the well to find this at the bottom.
  2. Navaja Folding Knife: After entering the lower floors of the building, drop to the ground floor to find this behind a pillar.


  1. Antique Padlock: Under a fallen log to the right of your starting position.
  2. Chiriquai Shark Trinket: Behind the pillar of rock between the two holes you swim through to enter the second area.
  3. Antique Pocketwatch: In the far right corner of the second area.
  4. Antique Arcade Token: In the raised area on the deck of the ship after the cotainer has been raised.


  1. Mughal Water Container: On the far left of the cliff after you've descended the first hill.
  2. Nephrite Brass Cup: On a window ledge on the far right of the citrus garden.
  3. Viking Cloak Clasp: After the cutscene that reintroduces Sully, head back into the room behind you and it's on a desk on the left of the room.
  4. Mother of Pearl Horn: Head right onto the balcony on the top floor and it's on a ledge on the wall to the right of the door.
  5. Persian Bronze Bowl: After getting the keycard and entering the store room head for the brightly lit area with some round tables leant against a wall. Just ahead there are some stacked crates of food, and the item is tucked between two of them.
  6. Brass Barber's Bowl: Under the bottom of the stairs.
  7. Syrian Vase: Once you exit the vent head forwards and to the left, and drop to the lower area. Head round the building to find a ladder, then climb up and head right before dropping down onto a small roof.
  8. Persian Candlestick: After boosting Sam up the first ladder head for the small well-lit porch ahead and climb onto the roof. Face the right hand edge and make a jump for the balcony below and to the left - positioning yourself in the right place is tricky, and if you miss it there's no way back.
  9. Mughal Dagger: Once you've reached the small stone arches below the power room and swung across the first gap, drop down and grab the ledge below the next set of bars. Shimmy right and up the handholds to find this tucked in a crevice.


  1. Redware and Silver Jug Flask: In a small clearing to the left of your starting position.
  2. Bronze Boar: In a cave in the far right of your starting position.
  3. Carved Wood Kashkul: On the far right cliff edge in the area where you first pick up the dynamite.
  4. Carved Nut Bottle: After using the crate to climb the ruined tower, you'll spot some wooden boxes tucked into a small gap in the cliff face. Use dynamite to clear them out of the way and crawl inside.
  5. Travelling Inkwell with Seal: After defeating the three enemies and traversing the next gravel slide, follow the edge all the way round to the far end. Drop down to find a small alcove below you.
  6. Carved Ivory Vanitas: Just before entering the cathedral, use the handholds on the left to reach a room above the door.
  7. Scottish Ha'penny: In a small room off to the side in the puzzle room.
  8. Slipjoint Clasp Knife: In the area with the first enemy encounter after leaving the cathedral there's a small cave in the right of the narrow gap ahead of where you landed.
  9. Pewter Singing Bird Box: From the broken ladder in this area jump across to a cave on the opposite cliff face and the box is on a barrel near the entrance.
  10. Tortoise Shell Snuff Box: After you rejoin Sam following the collapse of the wooden bridge, turn left, face the rope anchor below, hang from the edge, and drop down to a passage below.
  11. Persian Tailoring Scissors: When Sully has spoken to you on the radio, crawl under the platform by the second set of wooden stairs to find these tucked at the back.


  1. Lantern Mounted Flintlock: To the left of the rickety wooden bridge is a slope heading downwards leading to a small cave where you'll find this.
  2. Strange Pendant: Take the right fork from the puzzle room and you'll see a rope point below to the right. Drop down and grab the ledge, work your way to the right, then swing across to a small cave.
  3. Amatory Box: In the area where you boost Sam up so he can push a crate down for you, head for the edge to the left of where you land, drop down, and use the handholds to descend to a lower platform to find this.
  4. Pewter Box: In the room after eavesdropping on the conversation through the wall, head for an alcove in the back left.
  5. Memento Mori Skull Watch: After you've pushed the crate down and climbed up, head right to find the end of a broken bridge. Drop down to the right of it and it will be on a ledge below you.
  6. Scottish Tipstaff: After moving the heavy metal box, jump over the barrels to find this hidden behind a basket.

(Note: list order deviates slightly from the order you'll find them in.)

  1. Sawasa Ware Tobacco Box: On a winch handle at the top of the first small ruins you encounter.
  2. Eroded Flintlock Pistol: In a cave behind the waterfall on the left of the lake. Pull the box down with your rope and use it to climb to the wooden platform on the other side.
  3. Mughal Ivory Powder Flash: When you reach the first tower (next to the slippery slope) climb up to find this on a box on the wooden platform inside.
  4. Parchment Scroll: Shortly after the first tower you'll come to a fork. Take the left path to find some ruins, and this is on a box inside.
  5. Ancient Fertility Idol: A while after the first tower, the path takes a 180 degree turn to the left. Head round behind the boulder in this area and climb through the gap in the rocks to find this on a crate to your left.
  6. Pocket Celestial Map: After collapsing the bridge to make a ramp, keep left and you'll find a small ruin. Climb to the upper floor to find this on the windowsill.
  7. English Ale Bottle: After cresting the hill into the large open area, keep left and follow the edge until you find a small ruin. Park your truck in the inset corner and use it to jump up to the handholds, and shoot the barrels to clear a path inside to find this on a table.
  8. Pewter Letter Cylinder: After cresting the hill into the large open area, head right to find a well. Position the truck so that it's facing the collapsed bit of wall on the edge of the well and then take the winch cable down with you. Wrap it round the pole on the raised area at the rear (being careful not to wrap it round anything else) and then use the collapsed beam to reach the area above the water.
  9. Mughal Box: As you're leaving the open area along a narrow rock ledge you'll find a tree with two trunks growing from the same spot in a V formation. Drive to the left of this and up a slope to find another small ruin. The treasure is on a barrel.
  10. English Musket Bandolier: After cresting the hill into the large open area, head for the cliffs below the tower to find a large opening. Drive through, deal with the enemies at the other end, then use the barrels to clear a path down through a hole in the middle of the ruin.
  11. Antique Tea Tin: After cresting the hill into the large open area, drive straight ahead to the rear of the area and then left along a raised rocky path to find another ruin. Fight off the mercenaries then blow the doors to find this in the rear of the building.
  12. Scottish Two Pence Coin: Climb to the brazier at the top of the small signal tower (after the open area).
  13. Scottish Snuff Mull: When you reach the final tower, head to the right of the small outbuilding to the left to find this on a crate.
  14. Brass and Ivory Tankard: After opening the portcullis head for the crates on the left hand wall, and find this at the back of the crates behind a small box.
  15. Muff Pistol: Turn right after opening the portcullis and shoot the crates to reveal this.


  1. Earthenware Mug: From your starting position head down the stairs and turn left to find a small alleyway. The item is in the rear left.
  2. "Antique" Compass: Keep to the right side of the marketplace until you find a stall with a large crowd gathered around it. Push your way through and talk to the vendor until you strike a deal.
  3. Nephrite and Jade Bowl: Once you're inside the tower head for a room to the left at the bottom of the steps, and the bowl is at the base of the statue on the wall.
  4. Ivory Handled Dagger: When you reach the top of the tower, before heading inside climb the pillar to your left and scale the outside. Climb onto the balcony, cross the wooden beam, and it's on the left of the far balcony.
  5. Brass Globe Hand Warmer: After ringing the final bell and bringing everything crashing down, head to the debris on the other side of the room and look on the ground below the remains of the Aquarius statue.


  1. Combination Lock Tobacco Box: From the starting point head between the two islands and turn left. Pass under the two sets of natural arches and ahead to the left will be a large cove. The item is amongst some broken barrels in the far right.
  2. Brass Pocket Sundial: From the starting point head left around the island until you find a shipwreck. Dive into the ship to find this on the upper internal deck.
  3. Silver and Wood Tankard: From the starting point head right around the islands until you find a large beach (to the rear of the tower). Head for the skeleton in the centre, and when you're facing him turn almost 180 degrees to your right. You'll see a rock with a small gap along the bottom, and the item is in the grass to the left hand end.
  4. Persian Silver Pen Box: From the starting point head right around the islands until you find a large beach (to the rear of the tower). From the shore looking towards the tower head to the left side of the beach to find this in a cave.
  5. Panamanian Pendant: From the starting point head down the channel between the two islands and turn right. There's a very small beach just around the corner with a solitary palm tree on it, and the pendant is tucked at the back.
  6. Persian Leather Notebook Case: From the starting point head down the channel between the two islands and turn left. Pass through the first natural arch in the rocks then move the boat over to the left and park it next to the small ledge. Climb onto the roof of the boat and use it to reach the ledge, then climb up to find the notebook.
  7. Decani Bronze Spouted Bowl: Once inside the cave you'll find a ruined building. This item is under the rocky arch to the right of the area.
  8. Mughal Elephant Carving: In the outside area with the wooden bridge that collapses after Sam crosses there's a small cave to the far right as you're facing the rock that you boost Sam up.
  9. Ottoman Helmet: When you reach the round tower, head inside to find this in the shadows at the back.
  10. Decani Bronze Vase: Take a gentle swing from the top of the round tower so that you land on the cliff opposite. Drop and grab the edge above the slope and work your way right to find this.
  11. Strange Relic: At the bottom of the slope above the cistern, head left to the cliff edge and climb the handholds to your left. In the distance above you is a rope anchor - take a running jump towards it and deploy your rope in midair to swing across to the far side.
  12. Hamsa Mythical Goose: When hanging from the second statue on your way down the large cistern, climb up your rope until you're at about the same height as its feet then swing across and grab the ledge. The goose is in the alcove just to the left.
  13. Pique Tortoiseshell Box: At the bottom of the cistern enter the supply room and get into the water on the far side. Swim right and climb up the shallow ramp to find this behind a bush ahead to the left.

(Note: All these are located after the cutscene that involves you falling into a deep ravine - there's nothing to collect until that point.)

  1. Persian Ring: As you reach the large rocky outcrop by the waterfall for the first time, head for the edge nearest the waterfall (look up and there should be a rope anchor high above you). Drop down and grab the edge and work your way down and left and then back up, and the ring is in a handhold set back slightly from the top edge.
  2. Wooden Tankard: When you arrive in the cave directly behind the waterfall, with the waterfall to your back head for a lower ledge on the far left that's lit by a patch of sun, and the tankard is hidden behind a rock.
  3. Spyglass: After climbing past the small waterfall inside the caves, it's on some barrels to your left.
  4. Dress Dirk: After the firefight pass through the wooded area ahead and you'll find a skeleton on the ground. Turn left and enter a short dark tunnel through the undergrowth to find this.
  5. Frenchen Bearded Bottle: After being reunited with Sam you'll enter a shack via the roof. In the under-floor area head right and drop into another room below. Keep heading right and dropping down to find the bottle.

(Note: Item 5 is physically located after item 7, and item 9 is physically located between 4 and 5.)

  1. Carved Horn Bird Sculpture: From your starting location turn right and climb through the hole in the wall. The item is by the wagon on the other side.
  2. Mughal Vase: On a barrel in the small room at the rear left ground floor of the building, just to the left of the steps down to Avery's statue.
  3. Ancient Stone Pot: In one of the jail cells in the building behind the stocks in the sunken square.
  4. Painted Copper Bottle: Climb the ladder in the secret hideout and head down the right fork. It's on the ground to the left at the dead end.
  5. Stout Vase: After making your way through the white building and sliding down the slope, climb the stairs to your right, jump over the gap, and grab this from the desk.
  6. Slipjoint Claspknife: Just before you climb into the white building head for the edge at the top of the stone steps and jump out to the right. Grab the rope anchor and swing into the small room.
  7. Large Bronze Boar: Once inside the white building swing across the gap and enter the small room to your left.
  8. Mughal Serving Vase: Once you reach the courtyard with signs of a battle, head for the far right corner and this is tucked behind a pillar.
  9. Mughal Jade Bottle: Upon entering the building after the first set of combat sequences it's on the roof of the porch in the second room - use the handholds to the right of the door to reach it.


  1. Emerald Flask: From your starting position head left behind the row of shelves, and this is tucked underneath the leaning shelf and the main row.


  1. Toy Soldier: Underneath a bench to the front left of the large ornamental fountain past the front door.
  2. Toy Seaplane: After looking at the sarcophagus, head up the short flight of stairs opposite the statue of two reclining figures.
  3. Pirate Snowglobe: When you've moved the shelf on the lower floor, climb on top of it and grab the wooden beam near the ceiling, then jump backwards to the balcony opposite. The snowglobe is on the end of the sofa on the far right of the balcony.


  1. Mughal Flared Vase: After climbing the first ladder look on the cliff edge to the left just past the bush.
  2. Mughal Hinged Box: There's a short fight after using the first elevator. From there turn right and drop down the broken steps to find it.
  3. Jade Serving Bowl: After pulling down the wall at the second elevator and climbing into the room above, check the balcony on the left.
  4. Ancient Stone Bowl: After the elevator-based fight, head past the truck and follow the ledge round to the right.
  5. Pewter Incense Burner: Just before reaching the third elevator there's a small shack to the right of the river. Head inside and climb out of the back window and it's on the ground to your right.
  6. 18th Century Combination Lock: At the third elevator, head behind the wheelhouse and climb to the upper floor and you'll find the lock resting on the wheel bearing.


  1. Mughal Stout Vase: In the far left of the starting area.
  2. Small Mughal Dagger: Climb onto the stone block, jump to the first gibbet, then aim for the one on the right. Follow the gibbets back and then drop down to the cage hanging from the last one to nab this.
  3. Mughal Candle Holder: After jumping into the first flooded area, head for the left corner and this is tucked beneath the tree just before you climb into the submerged building.
  4. Mughal Circular Box: To the right of the waterfall behind the tree in the area with the stone pergola.
  5. Mughal Headdress: In the second flooded area you'll find this under the surface of the water to the left of the wall you swim through.
  6. Spanish Brass Chalice: After passing through the upstairs bedroom, turn right and look behind the damaged sofa at the far end.
  7. Mughal Painted Elephant: You'll cross a fallen moss-covered tree after the dining room, and eventually end up entering a building through a hole in the wall. Instead of going inside, carry on along the outside of the building, and you'll find it on a ledge on the wall near the cannons.
  8. Mughal Dinnerware: After shoving your way through the door into the room where the trail of footprints ends, climb the spiral staircase in the corner to find this on a desk upstairs.


  1. Ancient Stone Vessel: In the room with the exploding mummies at the bottom of the slippery slope, head down the left passage and it's on the floor nest to the bottom step.
  2. Mughal Decorative Cudgel: From the mermaid room, head down the left passage and it's on some barrels to the right.


  1. Jade Flower Pendant: After emerging outside and admiring the view, follow the narrow ledge and then climb onto the ledge above. Position yourself between the edge and the barrel and take a flying leap at the cliff opposite and grab it with your piton - it's a tight jump, you may need to take a curved trajectory to build up enough speed, and the blinding light from ahead doesn't help with aiming yourself, but it is doable. Climb up to the top to collect the item.
  2. Stoneware Bearded Jug: After everyone is reunited, follow the gang until you reach an area with a wonky sign in the middle. Head left to the water's edge and double back, then climb into the building on the left.
  3. Stout Jade Vase: When you reach the area with the wagon, drop into the canal in the middle of the area and climb up through a hole in the bottom of the overhanging building.
  4. Painted Spouted Vase: When you reach the dead end stand behind the Avery statue and face his back. Enter the building 45 degrees to your left and go upstairs to find this.
  5. Mughal Perfume Bottle: When you reach the dead end, stand behind the Avery statue and face his back. Enter the building 45 degrees to your right through the hole in the corner to find this.


  1. Mughal Enamel Bird: On the third rope swing, turn around and swing the other way to reach a ledge just above Sam's footprints.
  2. Stone Vase: After the second slippery slope, you'll pass through a narrow tunnel and drop into another area. The vase is amongst some barrels and boxes opposite where you land.
  3. Strange Fruit: Whilst dangling above Avery's ship, look up and to the right and you can see a handhold in the rock arch ahead. Lower yourself to the bottom of your rope and swing across to it - you'll have to avoid bumping into awkwardly placed rocks either side of it to make it close enough. Climb into the small opening to find this.
  4. Rajasthan Box: Towards the end of the chapter you'll land in a cavern with an eerily glowing cave in the upper walls. Just to the left of the glowing cave is a small slope, and the box is hidden at the end.


  1. Mughal Egg Pendant: About halfway to the ship, swim right and look for a large, flat, light-coloured rock. Below the rock is a cave entrance, and the egg is at the far end.

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