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Ubisoft's guitar learning subscription service Rocksmith+ out next week on PC

Will launch with 5,000 songs.

Rocksmith+, the new subscription service version of Ubisoft's long-running guitar learning series, finally has a release date and is coming to PC next Tuesday, 6th September.

Rocksmith+ was, you may recall, originally due to launch last summer, but Ubisoft made the decision to postpone its release based on player feedback during its closed beta, saying it wanted to "ensure we provide the best guitar learning experience [and] deliver a smoother experience for all guitar and bass lovers".

Nearly twelve months later, Rocksmith+ is finally ready for release and will launch next week via the Ubisoft Store, promising a range of tools to help players hone their music skills. These include interactive lessons featuring Adaptive Difficulty - said to dynamically adjust to a player's skill level while they play - and the Rocksmith+ Connect app for iOS and Android, which will take care of note detection and real-time feedback without the need for any peripherals.

Rocksmith+ - Launch Trailer 2021

Rocksmith+ will also arrive alongside a library of over 5,000 songs from partners including Sony Music and Universal. That library is said to span a variety of genres - including rock, metal, pop, Latin, hip-hop and indie - with new songs from the likes of The Clash, Juan Gabriel, Alicia Keys, and Santana being added each week.

Those interested in taking Rocksmith+ for a spin at launch can get one month's access to the service for £12.99, three months for £34.99, and 12 months for £84.99. And as a "loyalty offer", Rocksmith 2014 owners and closed beta participants can get one month free when purchasing a 3-month plan and three months free when getting a 12-month plan.

While there's no mention of the previously confirmed PlayStation and Xbox versions of Rocksmith+ in today's announcement, Ubisoft says a mobile release is due "later this year".

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