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Ubisoft Uplay Passport costs £7.99

Unlocks online play, bonus content.

Ubisoft has firmed up UK pricing for its online pass, the Uplay Passport. It costs £7.99 on PS3 and PC while Xbox 360 owners pay 800 Points (£6.80).

"Uplay Passport-enhanced" games require gamers to input a code to unlock online modes and other "exclusive features". New retail versions include the code, while second-hand buyers must stump up for access.

Driver: San Francisco will be the first game to incorporate the system when it launches on 2nd September.

Ubisoft is the latest publisher to jump on the online pass bandwagon, following similar schemes by EA, Sony, Codemasters, Warner Bros and THQ.

The Uplay Passport was first confirmed earlier this month. US gamers will be charged roughly the same - $9.99.

The Uplay Passport-enhanced Driver: San Francisco.