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Driver dev making an Xbox 360 Kinect game?

LinkedIn leak number 5000.

Another day, another LinkedIn leak: an art lead at Ubisoft Reflections appears to have revealed an unannounced Xbox 360 Kinect project.

"After just finishing Driver Wii as lead artist and spending time helping finalise the artwork for Driver: San Francisco, it is onto the next project on 360 Kinect which looks to be very exciting indeed," revealed the expansive LinkedIn summary of the Reflections employee, via Superannuation.

The art lead has worked at Ubisoft Reflections for over five years.

Under his "Published Titles" heading, he lists "Confidential for now (X360 Kinect)". Under his "Art Lead" at Ubisoft Reflections heading, he lists "Confidential Kinect Project - Art Lead".

Here's a picture of a cat crawling out of a bag.

And that's that.

Driver: San Francisco worked out well for Ubisoft. Reflections' reputation was redeemed with its best work since the Driver series began", and sales were "better than planned".

Whether this new Kinect game - if real - has anything to do with Driver remains to be seen.

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