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Ubisoft to distribute Soul Caliburs

For PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii.

Ubisoft has signed up to distribute Soulcalibur IV for PS3 and Xbox 360 and Soulcalibur Legends for Wii. All three SKUs will be released in summer 2008. Did you like our use of "SKUs" there? We always feel clever when we say SKUs.

It's been a fun old day for those of you watching after Soulcalibur IV, which still can't seem to make its mind up about whether there's a space between "Soul" and "calibur", so we're going to be inconsistent too. Soul Calibur IV will have Darth Vader in it on PS3 and Yoda in it on Xbox 360. Did you know that? Oh. Better watch the video, then.

There's lots of other videos and information on the Xbox 360 and PS3 gamepages, too.

As for Soul Calibur Legends, it's a bit different to the regular beat-'em-ups, using the Wiimote and Nunchuk to fight. You can get a better idea watching the videos hidden away on its own gamepage, actually. And we wish you would, because that way we can go home.

Anyway, watch out for both in Europe this summer.

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Soul Calibur Legends

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Soulcalibur IV

PS3, Xbox 360

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