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Ubisoft readying online pass - report

Uplay Passport to launch with Driver: SF.

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Ubisoft is the latest publisher to jump on the online pass bandwagon with the Uplay Passport, according to a GamerZines report.

Apparently launching with Driver: San Francisco later this year, the system will ask players to enter a code included with all new retail versions of the game in order to access the title's multiplayer modes.

If you buy a used copy you'll need to purchase a Uplay Passport code from Xbox Live Marketplace or PlayStation Store in order to access online play.

We've put in a request with Ubisoft for clarification and word on whether the pass will extend to all of its future titles. Look out for an update soon.

If confirmed, the move would see the publisher finally join the likes of EA, Sony, Codemasters, Warner Bros and THQ in charging used game purchasers for online play.

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