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Ubisoft announces Anno 2070

RTS series to colonise PCs this winter.

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Ubisoft's long running Anno RTS franchise returns to PC this winter, with the action moving out of the history books and into the future.

Anno 2070, developed by series mainstay Related Designs with help from Blue Byte, sees you mastering new technologies to colonise a world ravaged by global warming.

There will be two factions to choose from: the industry-focussed Tycoons (boo!) or eco-friendly tree-huggers known as the Ecos (yay!).

Related Designs are promising a "dynamic world" that evolves differently depending on how you use your resources.

As ever, you can expect a single player campaign, an endless mode in which you strive to maintain as large a civilisation as possible, and an array of as yet undefined multiplayer scenarios.

"Anno 2070 is a very ambitious game that will feel both familiar and fresh to fans of the series," insisted Ubisoft brand director Caroline Stevens.

"Due to the game's futuristic setting, the development team wasn't restricted by historical boundaries and was able to dream bigger than ever before. It's a new take on a great franchise that both newcomers and longtime fans will love."

The last title in the franchise, Anno 1404, arrived back in October 2009.

"If a gentle and rewarding management sim with a hint of tropical sunshine is what you're after," wrote Eurogamer's Dan Pearson in his 8/10 review, "then you won't go far wrong with this."

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