Anno 2070


VideoAnno 2070 launch trailer sets sail

Futuristic city sim on PC today.

VideoAnno 2070 trailer logs online features

Eight-player competitive and co-op play.

VideoAnno 2070 military trailer rolls out

Futuristic sim for 17th November.

VideoAnno 2070 trailer reveals factions

Ubisoft shows more cityscape splendor.

Key events

Anno 2070 Deep Ocean expansion announced

Anno 2070 Deep Ocean expansion announced

Ubisoft RTS adds new class, tsunamis, 150 new quests.

Anno 2070, last year's entry in Ubisoft's long-running RTS series, gets a major expansion this Autumn, the publisher has announced.

Titled Deep Ocean, it adds a new civilisation level, with the Tech faction expanded by the Genius class.

The new class offers access to the new Tech Monument, corresponding production chains and consumption goods.

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Anno 2070's weirdo DRM is working as intended

Three activations, doesn't like you changing graphics card.

Ubisoft has said that seemingly overzealous DRM in its PC strategy title Anno 2070 is working as intended and claimed most players won't ever fall foul of it.

Ubisoft announces Anno 2070

Ubisoft announces Anno 2070

RTS series to colonise PCs this winter.

Ubisoft's long running Anno RTS franchise returns to PC this winter, with the action moving out of the history books and into the future.

Anno 2070, developed by series mainstay Related Designs with help from Blue Byte, sees you mastering new technologies to colonise a world ravaged by global warming.

There will be two factions to choose from: the industry-focussed Tycoons (boo!) or eco-friendly tree-huggers known as the Ecos (yay!).

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