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Two Worlds X360 delayed

Mysteriously slips.

The Two Worlds official website has revealed that the Xbox 360 version of the game will no longer be available with the PC copy on 9th May.

No reason could be given, but assurances were made that the console adventure was of the highest quality. Isn't that our job?

"As yet, no new release date has been announced. Unfortunately, the reasons for this delay cannot at this time be given by the publishers," the website reads. "Internal development of the console version ran like clockwork and final product quality itself leaves nothing to be desired."

Two Worlds is a sprawling RPG from Reality Pump, which preaches freedom of choice in player actions. The storyline revolves around a complicated tale of ancient deities and new horrors that put one of a pair of worlds in imminent peril. It will also feature a fancy MMORPG mode, so that you can adventure with hundreds of other players.

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