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Two Worlds slips to May

Multiplayer needs perfecting.

European gamers will have to wait a little longer for Xbox 360 and PC RPG Two Worlds, as various bugs and multiplayer concerns have pushed the release back to 9th May.

"We're fortunate enough to be in a position where we ourselves can determine when our game will be marketed," said Alexandra Constandache, CEO of publisher Zuxxez.

"We have taken the decision to postpone its release for a short time. The time gained will be used to further perfect the multiplayer aspect."

The game, developed by Earth 2160 brain-box Reality Pump, preaches freedom of choice in player actions, as a complicated tale of ancient deities and new horrors puts one of a pair of worlds in imminent peril.

"It's the atmosphere of a game that really suffers if the balancing isn't quite perfect or if annoying bugs make life difficult - especially in the RPG sector," she added.

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