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Two Worlds II UK date moved

On shop elves a little later.

The UK release of Two Worlds II has been pushed back, publisher TopWare has informed Eurogamer - but only by a smidgen to Friday, 4th February.

The last UK/US date given was 25th January.

Mainland Europe can already play and enjoy the traditional fantasy RPG, however, and have been doing so since late last year. More than one million copies of Two Worlds II have been sold there.

Interestingly, those copies already feature fully voiced English language options. The delay here was actually due to then publisher SouthPeak wanting to avoid a typically busy autumn launch window.

SouthPeak has since been cut out of the picture and TopWare, part of European publisher Zuxxez, is now handling the UK launch.

Two Worlds II walks a similar fantasy path to Elder scrolls IV: Oblivion, albeit with a hefty multiplayer component and some inventive ideas of its own. Christian Donlan deemed the game "surprisingly good" after taking a look for Eurogamer in 2010.