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Two Mega Drive Zelda-like adventures join Switch Online

Plus ghosts and ninjas.

Four Mega Drive games have joined Nintendo's Switch Online service, including two Zelda-like adventures.

The first is Landstalker, an isometric adventure developed by Climax Entertainment and released in 1993 in which players take the role of treasure hunter Nigel (no, really). Many of the team went on to develop Alundra for the PlayStation, considered something of a spiritual successor to Landstalker.

Sega Mega Drive – June 2023 Game UpdatesWatch on YouTube

The second is Crusader of Centy that came later in the Mega Drive's life (1995). Here players take the role of Corona - a young boy, not the virus - who has the ability to speak to animals. That's why there's a cute dog in the trailer: he's called Johnny in the UK version of the game.

Elsewhere, tough as hell platformer Ghouls 'n Ghosts and action game The Revenge of Shinobi join the service.

These games join the likes of Street Fighter 2, Pulseman, Kid Chameleon, and Flicky added back in April.

If you've finished Tears of the Kingdom, maybe gives these classics a look?

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