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Turtle Beach has a $350 Microsoft Flight Sim controller

Plane view.

The beautiful Microsoft Flight Simulator is, touch wood, the closest I'll get to flying a plane. But could it be more immersive?

It turns out, for $350 (about £250), it probably could.

Peripheral manufacturer Turtle Beach has announced the VelocityOne Flight system: a yoke handle and lever control set meant to work with Microsoft Flight Simulator on either Xbox or PC.

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As well as all manner of physical switches and buttons, some of which can be mapped to custom controls, there's also an LCD display panel to show flight stats.

Additionally, VelocityOne Flight includes a 3.5mm headphone jack and all the usual Xbox face buttons. On the downside, there's no force feedback or rumble.

While Turtle Beach's press release states its peripheral is not just for use with Microsoft Flight Simulator, its release this summer comes clearly with Xbox's big flight sim in mind. (As you might recall, Microsoft recently announced the game's Xbox Series X/S version for 27th July.)

Last night, Microsoft detailed more about the Xbox version of Microsoft Flight Simulator, including its frame-rate and cross-save capabilities.