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Turok movies in the works

One animated, one live action.

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Native American actor Adam Bleach, who we've never heard of, looks set to star in a big-screen adaptation of Turok.

He's just finished voicing the famous dinosaur hunter in an animated Turok film, and is looking forward to beefing up for the real thing and portraying a superhero he idolised as a kid.

"We just finished the animated movie and now we're going into the feature film movie [to shoot] hopefully in a couple years. We're about to set up meetings to develop a script and put it out there," Bleach told MTV Movies. "I'll have to beef up, and be a good guy, and save the world!

"[Turok is] the first Native American superhero that I ever looked up to. He basically [comes from] a family where they're protecting our universe from an alternate universe that wants to take it over.

"He uses his wits, and his might, and his special bow and arrow to take over the world," he added.

Turok started life on the pages of a comic as long ago as 1954, but rocketed onto our horizons after his videogame debut on N64 in 1997.

Turok re-appeared recently on PC, PS3 and 360, but failed, largely, to live up to heightened expectations.

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